Meridius adapta tape - 5cm x 5m pink


The Meridius® Adapta™ Sports Tape - concept goes back to the concept of kinesiology taping of Dr. Kenzo Kase (Tokyo 1970). New practice combines the theories of various medical streams (manual therapy, osteopathy, sports therapy and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)) into a holistic treatment approach. Meridius® Adapta™ sports tape constitutes an important pillar in this concept. The effect is mediated through the proper installation of special self-adhesive tapes (Meridius® Adapta™ Sports Tape) through the skin. All the neural circuitry of the spinal cord, skin, muscles, bones, skin, internal organs and nervous system are connected. Meridius® Adapta™ Sports Tape influences and adapts on the one hand, on the other hand Meridius® Adapta™ Sports Tape leads and stabilizes components of the elastic and is well tolerated by the skin. Meridius® Adapta™ Sports Tape in competitive sports Particularly suitable for competitive sports due to its quality and adaptability characteristics for use in competitive sports. Meridius® Adapta™ Sports Tape are currently being used by many national sports teams and professional football clubs worldwide. The taping application not only stimulates the skin, but also the reflex muscles, fascia, joint capsules, nerves, organs and the lymphatic system. Effects that are mediated via the application of Meridius® Adapta™ Sports Tape: • Lifting effect: results from the increase in the skin increased circulation space in the subcutaneous tissue and in the superficial lymph vessels • Stimulation of the mechanoreceptors, thus activating the endogenous analgesic system (pain reduction). • Anti-inflammatory effect. • Improvement of blood circulation of skin, muscles, fascia, and internal organs, promoting regeneration • The regulation of muscle tone causes an improvement in muscle function •Improves proprioception (stimulus effect) and thus the control of the support and target motor skills. Optimization of athletic performance • Activation and enhancement of lymphatic circulation by reducing pressure in the tissue • Support of joint function, promotes flexibility and improves joint stability by stimulation of proprietors. • Improves posture and coordination, promotes physiological movement patterns • General prophylaxis in sport and stress in everyday life • Mental relaxation • Within the framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): elimination of energy blockages in the meridian system and ensure a harmonious energy flow equilibrium Effects • Reduction of pain • Regulation of muscle tone • Improve proprioception • Improve circulation and regeneration • Anti-inflammatory and reduce swelling • Improve joint mechanics • Stimulate the lymphatic system • Optimization of the movement patterns in sport Indications • Pain in the muscles • Sprains and overstretching • Swelling Material composition 72% cotton, 3% Spandex, 10% acrylic polymers, 15% ethyl acetate Packing: (Width x Length) 5cm x 5M. Colour avalibale: Beige, Black, Blue, Pink and Yellow.