Meridius eco needles 0,25 x 40 mm with tube


Meridius® ECO is a range of high quality, reliable, stainless steel acupuncture needles

with a Korean-style spring handle generally preferred by traditionalists.

Being gamma ray sterilized allows the product to be used for up to 5 years after the

date of production making it more convenient for both occasional users and clinics.

The eco-friendly box contains 50 pouches with 10 needles and 1 guide tube in each pouch making it convenient for

transportation and storage in medical bags.

Meridius® ECO can be used during moxibution or electro-acupuncture sessions due to its

100% stainless-steel handle.


Meridius® take extra care to ensure they reduce their environmental footprint, that's why, Meridius®

ECO uses less cardboard and plastic for packaging.


  • High quality and sterilised via gamma rays for single use.
  • Spring handled needle with a guide tube.
  • 500 per box, 10 needles per blister with guide tube.
  • Silicon coated


  • 500 needles