Meridius needle 0.12x15 mm with individual tube


The special Meridius Jet acupuncture needles are made with unique precise moulding technology. Each needle is supplied with one tube, the needle and the tube are fusion bonded by ultrasonic technology. The highly visible plastic handle is long and with a wave-shaped surface, which makes it easy to grip. The materials are lightweight polypropylene plastic and measure 2.0mm dia. x 20mm length. The tube edge is rounded in comparison with other rigid edges, painless for the patient, as well as to make acupuncturists' finger uncomfortable when the finger hits the tube during the tapping. Sterilised by EO gas, shelf-life is 3 years.


Meridius® JET range is made for those who prefer a modern approach to the traditional ways of acupuncture. Manufactured to meet the highest traditional standards, but designed to meet the needs of modern patients, Meridius® JET features a silicone coating that ensures a smoother and comfortable acupuncture session.

Featuring plastic handles, the needles are easier to hold and manipulate due to a firmer grip made possible by the texture of the plastic. Moreover, being made of 100% plastic, the handle is lighter and colour-coded so the practitioner could easily differentiate between the needle thicknesses.

This range of needle is not designed to be used during moxibution therapy or electro-acupuncture sessions


  • 100 needles