Seirin needles (100 needles)

The SEIRIN brand stands for GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice. This is because right from the beginning, production in Shimizu (Japan) is subjected to highest quality standards.

The extensively automated production and control process ensures continual accuracy, purity and sterility of the products on a maximum level. Every single step of production is monitored with ultimate precision. From uncompromising raw material inspections to eight strict quality controls and final lab tests, everything is done to ensure that SEIRIN acupuncture needles always reach the same safety and reliability standard - which is what they are known for.

All SEIRIN products are CE tested and comply with the quality and safety standards of TÜV, ISO 9002 and WHO. 

SEIRIN needles are very easy to handle, particularly sharp and have an extremely thin silicone coating at their tip (SEIRIN permanent needles come uncoated). This allows for quick and easy puncturing and facilitates certain needle techniques (e.g. very point).