Infrared fomentation plaster


The analgesic tdp plaster is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory "if a human body circulatory is unobstructed, you will not feel pain, if there is pain in your body, and the body's circulation must not be smooth", using the traditional hot moxibustion techniques, combining with modern far infrared scientific technology achievements, then developed, it improves the traditional burning Chinese madwort to produce heat to heat release of chemical oxidation reaction, it can release heat with a fixed duration and a particular temperature (around 43 degrees Celsius), can produce long-lasting moxibustion efficacy results, dredge regional blood circulation, then coupled with the special infrared ceramic material, converse the thermal energy into the 8-14um wavelength infrared ray, penetrate local tissue through the light molecular resonance effect, improve the local physiological environment to accelerate the tissue repair process, promote recovery from disease.

self-heating, having suitable temperature (43 degrees Celsius at the patching area), sustained and potent. Far-infrared cream can launch 8-14µm far infrared ray, Warm meridians and unblock collaterals, relieve rheumatism and cold, invigorate blood circulation and stop pains.

  • 3 pieces

Consist of heating element (reduced iron powder, activated carbon, and salt), far-infrared paste (including far-infrared powder), 

Clean the skin before use:

·Tear off the release paper and then apply the plaster to pain-point directly
·Using for 12 hours per patch once a day