Aura happy tea


Revitalise your heart and mind. Enjoy this calming recipe to relieve stress and enhance your inner well-being. This delightful blend of Jasmine and raspberry leaves is packed with natural antioxidants and contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

  • 20 bags

Ingredients: Jasmine 50%, Common Linden Leaves 40%, Palmleaf Raspberry Leaf 10%.

How to brew the perfect tea...

Step 1. Find your favourite cup and take 1 tea bag from the resealable foil bag.

Step 2. Rinse tea bag with a little water.

Step 3. Fill 2/3 of the cup with freshly boiled water over the tea bag.

Step 4. Steep for 3-5 minutes then relax and enjoy the essence from the herbs. 

Tip: Keep the tea bag in the cup whilst drinking to maximise beneficial effects. Always best enjoyed without milk.