Infrared pain relief patch



Infrared pain relief patch is a new patch for external use, which development is based on the Traditional Chinese Medical "Meridian Theory" and the principle of treating internal diseases by external therapy, combined with the technologies of infrared light waves and magnetic therapy.
The human body is an organic entirety, as the Traditional Chinese Medicine recognized; Meridians are the pathways of QI (vital energy) and blood, as well as the viscera's function regulation. Furthermore, acupoints are the key parts of the Meridians. This product consists of the following materials: far-infrared materials, herbal plant extracts and a permanent magnet. Far-infrared materials will continuously emit far-infrared light ray waves at 3-5 microns wave length, which has great Penetration and radiation; it has remarkable Thermostat Effect and Resonance Effect. It can be absorbed by body easily and be transformed into internal energy. After absorbed by body, it can make water molecules resonance and become active. So that the binding force will increase and proteins and other biological macromolecules will also become active. At that time, the organism's cells are at the highest vibration levels.

Because far-infrared heat can be transformed under skin deeply by Resonance Effect, the heat produced by this progress come out from internal to surface. Then, the blood capillary will be expanded , blood circulation will be quickened, metabolism among tissues will be strengthened, regeneration capacity of tissues will be increase, the immunocompetence will improve and abnormal excitatory state will be adjusted, so that, the far infrared ray play a role in health care.


1. Combination transdermel patch with magnet therapy
2. Pure herbal ingredients, does not contain caffeine, aspirin or other drug ingredients
3. Transdermal Drug Delivery System (TDDS) and acupoint therapy, no side effect, no residual. Directly and quickly take effect, has broad applicability
5. The curative effect is accurate, no trauma and no pain.

According to the Chinese tradition: relaxes muscle and tendons, activates meridians, expells dampness and disperses cold, promotes blood circulation and relieves pain.

Indications: Suitable for pains of muscle and joint resulting from the Wind-Cold-Dampness (Chinese-called pathogenic factors), and the pains of soft-tissue contusion.

  • 6 plasters

far-infrared materials, magnetic powder, medical glue, magnet piece

For external use only. Clean the skin before use, apply the plaster to pain-point directly. Take once per day, use for 3-4 hours per patch.


·For external use only
·When used on very young children, use only under adult supervision
·People with broken or sensitive skin should not use this product
·Pregnant women and people wearing heart pacemaker should not use this product
·In case of excessive redness, irritation, burning or discomfort of the skin, discontinue using immediately and consult your GP
·Don't apply the patch for more than 12 hours
·Store in cool and dry place