Ban xia hou pu tang - digestion


According to the Chinese tradition: dispels stagnation of qi and mucus

Resolving phlegm and regulating qi to dissipate gathering. For tightness or blockage in the throat or chest which is usually caused or aggravated by emotional depression, with or without cough or vomiting, due to stagnation of qi and phlegm, pink tongue with whitish greasy coating, taut or slippery pulse.

sensation of a lump in the throat, melancholy, depression, "plum pit qi", chest and stomach congestion, belching, bloating and pain

notification nr : pl/4067/29

  • 100 tablets extract 7:1

rhizoma pinellia ternata, poria, folium perilla frutescentis, cortex magnolia, rhizoma zingiberis recens

2 tablets, 3 times a day, outside meal times.

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