Shaolin plaster


Relaxing effect on muscles, joints and tendons, reduces swelling and alleviates pain

According to the Chinese tradition:

- activates and resorbs Xue

- relieves stagnation of Qi and Xue


  • 10 plasters of 7 x 5 cm

Sinapis alba seed , Achyranthes bidentata , Drynaria fortunei rhizome , Dipsacus asperoides root , Acanthopanax gracilistylus bark , Piper kadsura stem , Scutellaria indica , Kummerowia striata , brassifolius root , Angelica pubescens f. biserrata root , Eucommia ulmoides bark , Carthamus tinctorius flower , Sparganium stoloniferum tuber , Cinnamomum cassia bark , Piper nigrum fruit , Panax notoginseng root , Camphorum

Apply the plaster to the affected area. Effective for 12 hours. Skip one day before using the next plaster.

Do not use during pregnancy. Do not use on sensible or allergic skin.