Polygoni form - shou wu pian


Deficiency of tsieu yin and shao yin manifested as dizziness, blurring vision, tinnitus, numbness of the limbs and premature greying of hairs and beard.

In case of hair loss.

According to the Chinese tradition:

- Nourishes tsieu yin and shao yin

- strengthens the tendons and bones,

- blackens grey hairs


  • 0.6 g x 60 tablets

Polygonum multiflorum root 145.8mg ( 24.3% ), Rosa laevigata fruit 104.4mg ( 17.4% ), Eclipta prostrata 94.8mg ( 15.8% ), Morus alba fruit 73.8mg ( 12.3% ), Cuscuta chinensis seed 32.4 mg ( 5.4% ), Siegesbeckia orientalis 32.4mg ( 5.4% ), Psoralae corylifolia fruit 16.2mg ( 2.7% ), Achyranthes bidentata 16.2mg ( 2.7% ), Ligustrum lucidum fruit 16.2mg ( 2.7% ), Morus alba leaf 16.2mg ( 2.7% ), Rehmannia glutinosa root 7.8mg ( 1.3% ), Lonicera japonica flower 7.8mg ( 1.3% ), Sesemum indicum seed 6mg ( 1% )

2 tablets 3 times a day, outside meal times.

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