Slimming tea


Our SlimmingT is perfect for clients who want to trim up naturally.

The recipe is based on the well known Fei Yan tea which is China's most popular slimming tea. For generations, this recipe has been trusted for its natural weight loss and health enhancing qualities. This special blend has been formulated to help improve metabolism which may contribute to healthy weight loss.


  • 20 bags

Ingredients: Lotus leaf 20%, Hawthorn 15%, Luffa cylindrica 20%, Coix Seed 10%, Astragalus Root 15%, Liquorice Root 5%, Oolong Tea 15%

20 Triangular stereoscopic tea bags



How to brew the perfect tea...

Step 1. Find your favourite cup and take 1 tea bag from the resealable foil bag.

Step 2. Rinse tea bag with a little water.

Step 3. Fill 2/3 of the cup with freshly boiled water over the tea bag.

Step 4. Steep for 3-5 minutes then relax and enjoy the essence from the herbs.
Tip: Keep the tea bag in the cup whilst drinking to maximise the benefit from the tea. Always best enjoyed without milk.

Drink 1-3 tea bags per day. Start off gently with 1 teabag per day. Do no exceed recommended intake.