Tienma gou teng yin


following chinese tradition : sedates liver wind, clears heat, invigorates bloodn nourishes the qi of liver and kidneys. 

headache, migraine, ear ringing, insomnia with dream-disturbed sleep, dizziness, vertigo, blurred vision, sensation of heat rushing to the head, trembling movement of the tongue, deviation of the mouth and eyes, numbness, spasms in the extremities

  • 100 tablets extract 7:1

radix achyranthes 10 %, ramulus uncaria cum uncis 10 %, cortex eucommia 8 %, radix scutellaria 8 %, ramulus loranthus 8 %, rhizoma gastrodia 8 %, poria 8 %, concha haliotidis 8 %, caulis polygonum multiflorum 8 %, fructus gardenia 8 %, magnesium stearaat

2 tablets 3 times a day ,outside meal times.

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