Zheng gu shui


For painfull muscles, tendons and joints. In case of sprain, tendonitis.

According to the Chinese tradition:

- eliminates stasis,

- relaxes muscles and tendons after prestations,

- activates the circulation of qi and xue,

- accelerates the healing process,

- subdues swelling and alleviates pain,

- warms up the muscles and prevents muscle- and tendon injuries



  • 60 ml

radix pseudoginseng 25 %, croton tiglium 18 %, cinnamonum camphora 15 %, camphora 2 %, radix angelica 13 %, moghania macrophylla 12 %, inula cappa 12 %, menthol 3 %

Apply to the desired areas 3 to 6 times  daily.

Only external use. Do not use on sores, open wounds or during pregnancy.  

Do not cover the skin after application.

In case of irritation: stop use immediately and avoid contact with the eyes.