Herbal food supplements

1. What is phytotherapy? Why is it important?

Phytotherapy is the oldest system of Health Care in the world. Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) and Indian herbal medicine (IHM) are highly developed ancient curative systems which continue to evolve and adapt to modern norms today.

Our modern lifestyle presents a particular set of challenges to our health. Factors as stress, lack of movement, lack of structure and balance, overconsumption of medicine, alcohol, fatty foods, etc result in an imbalance in the metabolism. Obesity, mental disorders, circulation disorders, articulation- and muscle disorders, chronic illnesses as diabetes, cancer, depression, Alzheimer, Parkinson, high blood pressure, cardiac insufficiency, etc. All syndromes sprout out of an extended period of energetic imbalance.

Chinese and Ayurvedic phytotherapy has preventive and curative effects on these conditions. Not the illness itself but the client's entire condition is addressed as a means of enabling full recovery. Examples are: heat, toxic heat, wind, cold, damp, energy stagnation, blood stagnation, etc.

The vision of modern Chinese and Ayurvedic supplements is holistic. The therapist helps the client to overcome an illness while seeing the patient in his/her entirety.

2. China Nature, the Chinese and Ayurvedic herb farmacy

China Nature has more than 30 years of experience in delivering authentic classical and modern herb formulas. Thanks to the broad and in-depth knowledge and understanding of our acupuncturist, herbalist and osteopath Verbanck Hervé, we offer you the best products and services to significantly improve your health and well-being.

Our holistic traditional vision is integrated with the analytic modern vision. We believe that "new" makes "old" better. Therefore we have created our own herbal compositions based on the traditional compositions, but well-adapted to their modern context. Our modern compositions sprouted out of the experience of Dr. Zhenguang, modern research in China and the notification lists in Europe.

We prefer plant extracts with maximum active doses (extract 7:1).

Our herbs can be delivered singular or composed. They are available in granulates, capsules, tablets and liquid form (hydrophilic concentrate).

3. The China Nature food supplements:

- consist of 100 % pure herbs: our herbs are cultivated according to the DaoDi concept, i.e. grown in the original region where quality and efficiency is optimal.

- are free of chemicals, i.e. sulphurs, pesticides or herbicides. This chemicals can affect the efficacy and cause side effects.

- the herbs are selected and approved by the "British Pharmacopea Working Group, Kew Royal Botanic Garden" in the UK.

- are entirely traceable: every batch is 100 % traceable until the origin and comes with a certificate of analysis.

- are of constant quality: thanks to the close cooperation between farmers and manufacturers a constant quality is guaranteed.

- do not contain animal ingredients.

China Nature exclusively works together with known GMP laboratories such as Phoenix (UK), Green Nature (Netherlands), de natuurapotheek (Netherlands), whom fulfil all strict, legal European standards. Therefore we exclusively offer our customers products that are safe and of high quality.

Want to know more about Chinese herbs?

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