medlouxx sulbi

The medlouxx device system contains a special, very small adapter to perform laser blood irradiation. The adaptor is placed under the tongue, therefore the treatment is called sublingual laser blood irradiation (SULBI)

The irradiation of blood by monochromatic 405 nm and 630 nm light induces several effects at cellular level, which can improve the immune status and the immune reaction of the patients. In particular, for patients undergoing chemotherapy, the laser blood irradiation significantly reduces the side-effects of the cancer treatments. Moreover, some systemic diseases such as fat-metabolic disorders, chronic liver diseases, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, auto-immune diseases, allergic conditions and eczema have been treated successfully.


The vena lingualis and the arteria lingualis are illuminated with blue and red laser irradiation. Clinical studies have demonstrated that the sublingual laser blood irradiation (SULBI) is more effective than the intravenous and transcutaneous approach.



The medlouxx- SULBI is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment without any infection risks and is particularly suitable for

  • chronic fatique syndrom (CFS)
  • reduction of chemotherapeutic side effects
  • adjuvant treatments of burnout syndrome and depression
  • common cold infections of adults and children   
  • type 2 diabetic patients


treatment parameters

The treatments are extraordinary simple to perform and safe for patients and therapists. The treatment duration is of about 10-12- min and should be repeated all three weeks.

Detailed medlouxx SULBI protocols are available.