7 LEDs of the latest generation enhancing increased light emitting efficiency

• 50% additional light energy • enlarged treatment area

• new screwed-on cover disk enables homogenous distribution of light

• REPULS 7 enables a short period of application. The duration of treatment can be set to a maximum of 15 minutes in five stages of 3 minutes respectively.

• Improved space utilization in the housing that is able to absorb 7 LEDs facilitates application on a broader area.

• The light may also be useful to Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) because REPULS 7 has 50% more area coverage efficiency.

• REPULS 7 "acts" very positively on chronic diseases. The increased area that is covered by the radiation now ensures a more intensive depth impact.

• Particularly useful e.g. in the treatment of the vertebral column: Three LEDs radiate directly on the vertebrae while two LEDs respectively enclose the vertebrae with light from the sides.