The Principle

The mitochondria are the primary target of all medlouxx-treatments. 

During evolution the mitochondria became part of all eucaryothic cells, maintaining their original light absorption properties.   As consequence, a myocard cell shows the same photobiologic behaviour like a neuronal cell, an osteoblast cell, a fibroblast cell a muscle cell or a mast cell.The medlouxx-radiation is exactly adjusted to the peak position and the halfwith of the infrared doublet bands of  Cytochrom- C-oxidase and guarantees the most effective excitation of ATP, therefore the optimum stimulation of cellular DNA/RNA synthesis and significant reduction of  inflammation processes. These irradiation characteristics are the basics of the unique regenerative efficiacy of medlouxx-treatments.

The medlouxx- method applies exclusively the unique physical QIT*-effect to improve the transparency of the therapeutic radiation in human tissue. The selective photoradiation reaches significantly larger action depths in bone tissue, muscle tissue and connective tissue. Besides neuronal cells, also the egg cells and sperm cells exhibit a large number of mitochondrias and therefore, are effective targets fertilisation treatments.For the first time, effective transcranial treatments become possible, which opens the door for non-invasive, causal treatments of neurodegenerative diseases, psychatric diseases and chronic headaches.

Due to its particular transparency in bone tissue, medlouxx allows the treatment of ostoearthritic diseases of  the hip and the knee  and the effective treatments of  sinusitides, everything with non-ionizing, infrared radiation !medlouxx applies the violet 405 nm irradiation for phototoxic elimination of porphyrine-containing bacterias, like  propionibacterium acnes ,staphylococcus aureus,  porphyromonas gingivalis and others,   which is of importance in dermatology and dentistry.

Medlouxx 1064 nm infrared radiation is optimized for photothermic elimination of Trichophyton rubrum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes, and therefore to treat highly effective toenail fungus infections"medlouxx" is an artificial term, it is deduced from "mitochondrial excitation due to lowering of light absorption"medlouxx is using non-coherent and coherent, monochromatic, non-ionizing radiation. 


Basic cellular/vascular effectse

Physiological studies and Cell research studies performed at Univ.of Heidelberg (Germany), and at Faculty of Science of the Univ.of Paderborn (Germany) are the basis of the medlouxx- therapies. The general, non-specific therapeutic effects of medlouxx irradiation of human tissue are :

  • regeneration of bone- and cartilage tissue at cellular level
  • blue radiation (405 nm) photoinduced anti- bacteriological effects
  • blue radiation (405 nm) photoinduced immunological effects in dermal cells
  • reduction of inflammations
  • reduction of edema
  • stimulation of tissue repair in wound healing processes
  • stimulation of peripheral blood circulatio
  • improvement of important blood parameters like immun factors and oxygen saturation
  • local pain release by ß-endorphine and photonic induced neural blockade that slows the conduction velocity and reduces the amplitudes of the compound action potentials.

reduction of muscle spasm, direct spasmolytic effects


About medlouxx

medlouxx treatments are non-invasive, they dont induce any adverse events and are free of side-effects.
medlouxx- treatments are pain-free .
medlouxx- radiation is carefully adapted to the tissue targets, like mitochondria, bacteria or fungi, any damage in exposed tissue does not occur.
medlouxx- radiation reaches larger action depths in any types of human tissue, in particular in bone tissue, due to the unique quantumoptical induces transparency effect (QIT-effect) . 
medlouxx treatment instructions are based on randomized controlled clinical trials.
medlouxx therapies are safe and riskless for patients and therapists.