Medlouxx led

Pain treatment with medlouxx blue and IR:

medlouxx blue:

local release of b-endorfine in blood and plasma

medlouxx IR:

  • reduction of amplitude of compound action potentials (CAP)  with 65 %
  • reduction of transmission velocity of CAP in C-fibre nerves with 45 % 

medlouxx for home use

Healing with Light

medlouxx at home:

your new strategy for the health care of your family

Our existence depends on ligth, which we get from the sun. Our organism are optimally adapted to solar radiation. Without sun ligth- no human beings and no life on earth. The medlouxx radiation is nothing else than a selected part of the solar spectrum. The use of ligth to heal illnesses is the most natural approach at all, free of side effects and without any other adverse events. Moreover, the non-coherent medlouxx radiation guarantees that the treatments are safe and without any therapeutic risks. All together, medlouxx is the ideal tool to protect the health of your family and to support the sports activities of your family. It helps to reduce the consumption of antibiotic medication.


The application is easy, just put the medlouxx to your painful, osteoarthritic joint and start the 5 min treatment with one-click!

Common cold infections of children and adults can be easily treated by medlouxx.

Headaches and burn-out syndroms are effective indications for medlouxx , the medlouxx brings additional energy into the neuronal cells!

For all joggers and sportsmen: medlouxx increases the oxygen saturation threshold of your muscle tissue and your blood, when applied locally for few minutes. The muscles are able to consume more oxigen for a longer time. It's no doping, it's just the power of light!
Anaerobic muscle contractions (cramps) can be avoided or at least delayed.

The development of neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer or Parkinson may delayed in time or even inhibited, if medlouxx is used pre-emptively. These illnesses are basically influenced or caused by mitochondrial dysfunctions, and medlouxx is able to regulate the mitochondrial metabolism.

We have developed a medlouxx home device, which is of full medical power but of reduced electronic gadgets and therefore cheaper in price and costs!