Medlouxx SULBI

The medlouxx device system contains a special, very small adapter to perform laser blood irradiation. The adaptor is placed under the tongue, therefore the treatment is called sublingual laser blood irradiation (SULBI)

The irradiation of blood by monochromatic 405 nm and 630 nm light induces several effects at cellular level, which can improve the immune status and the immune reaction of the patients. In particular, for patients undergoing chemotherapy, the laser blood irradiation significantly reduces the side-effects of the cancer treatments. Moreover, some systemic diseases such as fat-metabolic disorders, chronic liver diseases, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, auto-immune diseases, allergic conditions and eczema have been treated successfully.

The vena lingualis and the arteria lingualis are illuminated with blue and red laser irradiation. Clinical studies have demonstrated that the sublingual laser blood irradiation (SULBI) is more effective than the intravenous and transcutaneous approach.



The medlouxx- SULBI is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment without any infection risks and is particularly suitable for

  • chronic fatique syndrom (CFS)
  • reduction of chemotherapeutic side effects
  • adjuvant treatments of burnout syndrome and depression
  • common cold infections of adults and children   
  • type 2 diabetic patients
  • treatment fo COVID-19

Treatment parameters

The treatments are extraordinary simple to perform and safe for patients and therapists. The treatment duration is of about 10-12- min and should be repeated all three weeks.

Detailed medlouxx SULBI protocols are available.

treatment of COVID-19 with medlouxx laser sulbi

An truly effective yet safe treatment for CoVID-19 supported by a published clinical study, see:


This treatment converts CoVID-19 infection from a potentially debilitating and deadly disease to a mild illness of short duration. It involves a single session using a patented non-invasive Medlouxx PPR phototherapy device and a photosensitizing agent. The photosensitizer – methylene blue – has a long history of use with numerous studies showing it to be very safe for use.  Overall, the treatment is very affordable and easy to administer. During the treatment, the virus is immediately inactivated in the nose and mouth which are the target treatment areas. 

The Medlouxx device is approved on efficacy of the treatment from the regional government  of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, which sponsored the CoVID-19 clinical study of 1200 subjects. 


The Medlouxx PPR treatment significantly increases the likelihood of a mild course of illness from CoVID-19 by essentially eradicating the virus before it has had a chance to spread from the initial site of infection to the lungs and other organs. The primary benefit of the treatment is to dramatically reduce the need for hospitalization, ICU admission and death due to CoVID-19 infection. This benefit is observed even in the elderly and in individuals at greater risk due to co-morbidities. 

Perhaps of even greater importance from a public health perspective, another major benefit is that the Medlouxx PPR protocol promises to break the cycle of transmission by immediately eliminating viral load from the nose and mouth (the main source of infectious viral droplets). 

We believe Medlouxx PPR also has significant potential for treating other respiratory infections including influenza, so this protocol will offer benefits well into the future. 


The approach was shown to be highly effective against CoVID-19 in a controlled clinical study of 1200 subjects. In view of the staggering CoVID-19 toll and the promising results obtained, we published an interim study report in the American Journal of Virology and Disease in May 2020. This interim report demonstrated statistically significant results at only half the projected sample size: 

an 83% reduction in hospital admissions,
90% reduction in ICU admissions and
80% reduction in the death rate.


There are a number of treatments that may be of benefit in the early stages of CoVID-19 infection, but, to our knowledge, only the Medlouxx PPR has demonstrated the dramatic reduction in the viral load with conversion to PCR negative status immediately after a single treatment session. Any viruses that have spread beyond the nose and mouth are not destroyed, but if treatment is administered early in the course of infection when the virus is mostly confined to the nose and mouth, there is a dramatic reduction in the viral load thereby protecting the patient from the severe, debilitating effects of CoVID-19.

The Medlouxx platform offers a number of additional treatment protocols that boost the response the Medlouxx PPR treatment and provide supportive care for patients who may present outside the treatment window, or those who are suffering from long term CoVID-19 sequelae. We have observed significant response to these additional protocols and further clinical studies are planned.  

Some of the approved treatments are geared to seriously ill CoVID-19 patients with severe respiratory and other organ compromise. The benefit of Medlouxx PPR is the significant reduction in the risk of severe outcomes and avoidance of hospital admission in the first place. Other treatment options are far more costly to administer compared to the Medlouxx PPR protocol or carry a significant risk of adverse events. In contrast Medlouxx PPR involves a safe, affordable topical application of the photosensitizer in the mouth and nose followed by a quick, painless and safe light-based treatment.


A single treatment session is administered. Any viral load present in the nose or oral cavity is immediately eradicated by the treatment. This protects the patient as well as anyone with whom they come into contact. Treatments take 15 to 30 minutes, are well tolerated and SAFE for patients of all ages. The device used is fully portable and fits into a small, lightweight briefcase


Our recently published study clearly shows that CoVID-19 can be effectively treated, if treatment is administered at the early stages of infection. 
The study, conducted by Dr. Detlef Schikora in Germany reports on 600 patients: 300 patients who received the active treatment protocols and 300 who were control subjects
The full study of 1200 subjects was completed in November 2020.
The aim of the treatment was to convert CoVID-19 from a devastating infection to a mild infection that resolves quickly without the need for hospital admission.
We observed that almost twice as many patients that were treated only had a mild fever lasting for a week or less, compared to those who didn’t receive treatment. It’s very important to note these mild symptoms were observed across all ages, including the elderly and those with other medical conditions.
The definition of mild symptoms: mild fever which lasted for a maximum of 1 week. 
There was an 83% reduction in hospital admissions and 91% reduction in ICU admissions