red light therapy : How Red Light Therapy Works ?

  • How Red Light Therapy Works ?
  • Red Light Therapy Stimulate the Electrons involved in the Mitochondria During Cellular Respiration, and Help Clear Out Nitric Oxide, Which is a Harmful Roadblock to ATP Production.It Gunks up the Cellular System of ATP Production, and Red and NIR Light Helps Prevent and Reverse this Problem.

    The Photons in Red and NIR Light Excite Electrons, Which Helps Break up Nitric Oxide Bonds, So Hydrogen Ions can Move Through the Process more Effectively, Resulting in Greater Levels of ATP Energy that Power your Cells and Body.


  • Is Red Light Therapy Safe ?
  • The Safety of Red Light Therapy has been Demonstrated in many Clinical Studies, and While we Still have a Lot to Learn, Research on Red Light Therapy Continues to show no Side Effects While Helping Users Enjoy Additional Benefits.


  •  How Red Light Therapy Slows Aging
  • Red and near infrared light therapy has been shown to promote DNA repair and synthesis, which is one of the reasons this natural treatment is such a powerful anti-aging tool.

    In addition, improved circulation and more collagen and elastin synthesis mean that as new skin cells emerge, they are healthier and over time, you can “turn back the clock” on your skin and potentially look much younger.


  • How Red Light Therapy Reduce Pain & Inflammation?
  • Red Light Reduces Pain & Inflammation by Inhibiting the Cellular Process that are Involved in Inflammatory Conditions-alleviating you from Joint Pain,Arthritis,Injury Recovery,Wound Healing,and Other Types of Inflammation.

    Psoriasis, eczema, acne, and rosacea are chronic inflammatory skin conditions that respond well to red light therapy. Depending on the severity of the condition, it may take anywhere from 1-4 months of consistent daily treatment to see dramatic improvement.

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