VIS (Visible Infrared Spectrum) phototherapy

narrow band photonic excitation of endogenous chromophores  (Cyt.C.Oxidase): tissue regeneration therapy

  • pain treatments
  • neuromogic and psychiatric disorders
  • wound healing disorders
  • ophtalmic disorders
  • orthopedic and physiotherapeutic indications

coherent phototherapy LLL-T : medlouxx laser
non coherent phototherapy LED-T : medloux led


Photodynamic Therapy (PDT):

narrow-band photonic excitation of exogenous chromophores : tissue destruction therapy

  • fungus infections
  • skin rejuvenation
  • dermatologic indications : acne, actinic keratosis



Selective photonic excitation of exogenous chromophores, nociceptor stimulation therapy : tissue regeneration therapy

photons: elementary particles, exhibit fixed, discrete (quantized) energies which are transferred to the tissue

fundamental equation to calculatre the discrete photon energies : Planck formula : E= h x c/lambda

h = Planck's constant
c= speed of light
E = photon energy
lamba : photon wavelength


I (irradiation) = Power (W)/area (cm2) : medlouxx IR = 75mW/cm2

F (fluence) = Energy (J)/area (cm2) : medlouxx IR = 75 mJ/cm2

dose : irradiation x time (j/cm2)= Ixt = (P(W)/area (cm2)xt : medlouxx IR 4,5J/min

As long as the size of the target molecule is smaller than the wavelenght and/or the coherent lenght, the coherent and noncoherent light (i.e., both lasers and led) with the same wavelenght, intensity and dose provides the same biological response

medlouxx = mitochondrial excitation due to lowering of light absorption = the new medlouxx principle


Absorption is the primary event to all cell types :

  • production of reactive oxigen species (ROS)
  • vibrational overtone excitation of enzymes
  • conformational change in enzymes


We are focussing to just one molecular target molecule : the enzym Cytochrom C Oxidase /COO in complex IV of respiratory chain:

  • mitochondrial ATP production is increased
  • reactive oxygen species (ROS) are formed
  • NO is released
  • RNA/DNA synthesis rate erate


Clinical effects :

  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce muscle spasm
  • reduce swelling
  • stimulate tissue/wound healing
  • restores metabolic osteoblast-osteoclast equilibrium


Treatment with medlouxx IR in case of male infertility :

1. this confirms that oxidative stress is a dominant cause of fertility disorders

2. this confirms that photomedical medlouxx treatments reduce cellular ixidative stress in spermatozoa

3. this is the first clinical proof of the ability of medlouxx treatments to heal causally male fertility disorders


Treatment of AMD = age related macular degeneration :

medlouxx position lateral, front eye ball

treatment time : 3 min

dosage : 13,5 J/cm2

treatment frequency : 2x weekly, 8 treatments


  • enhanced microcirculation in choroid membrane
  • reduction of oxidative stress
  • delayed degeneration or stopped apotosis of macular-photoreceptors


video: treatment of macula degeneration with medlouxx led by Prof Schikora