AIRNERGY+Vitalisator: Little Atmos

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Detoxify a healthy breathing atmosphere for a better feeling of well-being  
with the right breathing and activate and strengthen the self-healing powers
(also therapeutically known, proven and popular through medical specialist groups and scientific publications)


Little Atmos - the power dwarf
the vitalizing air of the forest for at home

12,000 - 20,000 liters - that's about the amount of air a person breathes in through their lungs every day and releases the used air again.

Breathing: An alternative, incessant and often unconscious process, about which we humans know little and consciously give little thought to it...

Our breathing air - like our drinking water (please use Little Atmos Plus for drinking water activation) is our main food and therefore indispensable food.

But what about the invisible gas: due to apparently constantly increasing, harmful environmental influences (e.g. exhaust gases from aircraft/vehicles, lead, aluminum, barium, arsenic, graphene oxide in the breathing air or breathing atmosphere!!) the human body is today exposed to far more pollution and pollutants than several years ago.

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Vitalization with Airnergy is a patented health technology that has been tried and tested for more than 20 years and makes experts sit up and take notice.

At almost every place in the world, an activated and invigorating breathing atmosphere (high-energy) with an unchanged oxygen content* (21%) is generated directly from regular breathing air (low-energy). This vital breathing atmosphere with the naturally contained oxygen content is immediately available to the cells and supports the natural cell detoxification and thus drainage. The oxygen is burned faster or converted into metabolic energy - with each breath, the oxygen utilization (medical utilization) can be increased and thus secures the organism more energy for the challenges of the day or for recovery/regeneration during sleep at night.

Regular AIRNERGY breathing can stimulate the entire cell regeneration and thus have a positive effect on functional or organic disorders, while keeping the reduction and the formation of harmful free radicals (ROS) in balance. cause. This can have a positive and holistic effect on the entire organism and an amazing improvement in many bodily functions is often the result. Find out what others are saying here...


I have COPD and have trouble breathing. After using Airnergy daily for several years, I have noticed an improvement in my breathing, and this has been the case since I started using Airnergy. I can only recommend Airnergy to anyone suffering from COPD. Sincerely, BH, Denmark


I was first diagnosed with COPD in 1993. I was prescribed several inhalers and two powders to take twice a day, plus salbutamol when needed. A few years later, I bought an atomizer after having had several hospitalizations, five in all, for chest pain. In August I was very ill and felt very weak. My daughter and son-in-law found Airnergy on the internet. A few days later they had all the information and references together regarding the equipment and the importance of oxygen in the blood. I am now taking Airnergy for eight months. The financial expense was a little daunting and I was also a little skeptical but now I feel it was a very good investment. Yesterday I had a peak flow test with a value of 250; last time last year it was 121. Blood oxygen level was also good at 90. I have to say I keep myself a lot more alert. I take Airnergy 22 minutes every day, my everyday life has improved a lot and I can't imagine life without Airnergy.


Airnergy cannot be compared with previous methods

The advantages: 
• The Little Atmos is the most compact vitaliser - the required floor space corresponds to the size of a DIN A5 book.
• Perfect for use at home or in the office, as a precaution, for starting out or as a second device or in the bedroom
• Detoxification is specifically supported: With optimal breathing, you supply the body cells with the necessary nutrients on the one hand and ensure the removal of on the other hand toxins from your body.
• Effective for sleep disorders, poor concentration, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, stress, migraines, body inflammation & diseases, digestive problems, etc.


- 1 x Little Atmos Atemgerät (Vitalisator)

- 1 x universal power supply (12V DC 1,600 mA)

 - 1 x glass bottle including bubble element (max. 100 ml)

 - 5 x Atembrillen (1 x Kinder, 4 x Standard)

 - 2 x air filters (V2) - 1 x respirator bag

- 1 x instruction manual

- 1 x Quick Start Guide

Aside from the usual hygiene of household appliances, special care is not necessary for the Airnergy device either. Apart from the regular change of the water and the inexpensive air and bacteria filter (usually 2 pieces included in the scope of delivery) after every 50 operating hours (approx. 75 applications), there are no follow-up costs. The filter change is done with one hand.

The guarantee period is 24 months.

All AIRNERGY devices are manufactured exclusively in our factory in Germany with attention to detail and tested processes, equipped with the highest quality components and strictly tested materials that could in no way harm people or their health. In detail, all Airnergy products are and are designed for a long life expectancy and are manufactured exclusively in our factory in North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany.

After around 2,000 operating hours (corresponds to 3,000 - 6,000 individual applications), the manufacturer Airnergy recommends the "Service2000". The life expectancy of the Little Atmos is - with proper handling and care - designed for more than 10 years. The operating costs are negligible. Commercial providers usually also have their Airnergy vitalizers serviced by Airnergy.

The Little Atmos (The Little Atmos) breathing device has three performance levels: 50%, 75% and 100%, and used for the first time in a series device via the new Duokats for even more performance

Airnergy vitalizers are easy to use and almost maintenance-free. An equally easy-to-understand short operating manual shows how an AIRNERGY device (vitalizer) is ready for operation in just a few simple steps.

• - For private users or as a second device
• - So small that it fits in any suitcase
• - For company health care directly at the workplace
• - For commercial facilities for rent


Recommended application time:

• - per session: 21 minutes (or individually after getting used to it) Please pay attention to the information regarding the insidious application recommendation in our operating instructions. If you have health problems, please ask your doctor or therapist.

General information about the Little Atmos:

• - LCD display
• - Automatic self-test • - Mains shutdown
for people sensitive to electrosmog
• - Airnergy dual catalyst technology
• - Integrated color light therapy (blue)
• - 3 power levels (50% - 75% - 100%)
• - Microcontroller-controlled electronics
• - Individual programming of the application
time • - Switchable acoustic signal & bottle
lighting • - 5-language menu (DE / EN / FR / IT / ES)
• - Dimensions (mm) without glass bottle: 210 x 96.3 x 188 (W x H x D )
• - and much more

*the oxygen is neither increased nor ionized, ozone or other exogenous substances are given. The health-promoting effect of revitalization with Airnergy can be explained solely by the biological importance of breathing air for life in general.