for rent for 1 week portable cold laser against pain and inflammation

€ 80,00 /Piece
Packaging: 1

laser therapy is successful in chronic and acute muscle, joint and tendon infections: tendonitis, sports injuries, back and neck problems, shoulder pain, etc...

portable cold laser is an LLLT device, which emits coherent light of one wavelength and generates no heat, sound or vibration

the energy from the laser penetrates the skin and stimulates the natural healing process. Every cell in the area being treated absorbs this energy so that cell renewal and division are stimulated and the microcirculation is catalysed. Natural pain-relieving body substances are produced so that the pain decreases

the 650 nm red laser penetrates the skin up to 2-3 cm, improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation, while the 808 nm laser penetrates the skin up to 5-7 cm and has an analgesic effect

the portable cold laser contains 12 lasers of 650 nm and 4 lasers of 808 nm

the combination of both works complementary

* only for therapists

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delivered within 2-3 days with GLS

will be picked up by GLS in the same packaging

upon purchase the rental price will be deducted from the sales price

* only valid for therapists