jiaogulan tea - herba gynostemma

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  • Jiaogulan is known for its medicinal properties and is used in Chinese medicine. The plant is called the 'herb of immortality' in the Chinese province of Guizhou. The taste is sweet, similar to liquorice.
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  • Is Jiaogulan the New Ginseng?
    What is jiaogulan?
    Jiaogulan is also known as sweet tea liana, fairy herb and southern ginseng. It is a climbing plant native to the mountainous regions of southern China and other parts of Asia. It belongs to the cucumber family, which also includes cucumbers and melons.

    The tea from the leaves contains no caffeine and has a slightly bittersweet taste.

    Immortality herb?
    The Chinese call jiaogulan an “immortality herb” and claim it has rejuvenating properties. Many say it can help the body resist stress and promote cardiovascular health. Herbal practitioners classify it as an adaptogen, as it is believed to help the body helps without causing damage or imbalance.

    Chinese medicine first described it during the Ming Dynasty as a folk treatment for conditions such as stomach ulcers. Jiaogulan tea is also thought to help with coughs, colds and other respiratory problems such as chronic bronchitis.

    Jiaogulan was not widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. Despite this, some people believed that tea made from jiaogulan from Guizhou province could help you live longer. There is no scientific evidence for the benefits of jiaogulan as an anti-aging herb. If so, you'd probably have heard about the key to immortality by now!

    Ginseng substitute?
    Traditional Chinese medicine uses ginseng to treat stress, insomnia, colds and flu. It is also said to improve concentration and memory, physical stamina and endurance. In Western medicine it is used as a stimulant.

    Jiaogulan proponents write for the website jiaogulan.org that it provides many of the same benefits as ginseng and can be used as a ginseng substitute.

    How much jiaogulan can you drink daily?
    Herbalists usually recommend 2 to 3 cups of jiaogulan per day. Jiaogulan has few known negative side effects.

  • Quantity : 12g/l

    Infusion time: 3-5 min

    Water temperature: 100°C