laserneedle touch orthoPhys inc. 5 red lasers, 5 infrared lasers, trolley unit, starter kit*

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According to the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a disease is caused by an energy imbalance in the body. Acupuncture, the stimulation  of specific points through insertion of metal needles, attempts to restore the energy balance. Laseracupuncture is a further development of the classical needle acupuncture with needles. It is painless, risk free, non-invasive and can in principle be used for all indications of acupuncture. Laser acupuncture enjoys highest acceptance in all groups of patients including thouse afraid of the needle and children.

Also trigger points can be stimulated by the irradiation with LASERNEEDLE.

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The LASERNEEDLE technology provides precise selective irradiation of acupuncture or trigger points. Simultaneously, up to ten different acupuncture and trigger points can be irradiated with high luminance, so that stimulation is achieved, which is comparable to needle and through the ongoing irradiation also affects more sustainable. During the therapy, the doctor or therapist must not be present and can take care of the next patient.

Advantages of laser acupuncture compared to acupuncture with needles
non-invasive treatment, that is, no puncturing the skin, no formation of hematoma, no possible vascular or nerve damage
no risk for patients with reduced blood clotting
no risk of bacterial or viral infection
absolutely pain-free, therefore suitable for sensitive patients.

- new lasertherapy method for localized irradiations
- pain and side-effect free treatments
- broad and selective therapeutic spectrum due to blue, red and infrared laser
- small, mobil treatment device with 10 laser channels
- easy and safe to handle
- realiable, robust and sophisticated laser device
- self-explaining, graphic adjustment of treatment parameters
- large acceptance by patients
- amorthisation already after 300 treataments (30 patients)
- different accessories to extent the therapeutic spectrum
- high-quality service