medlouxx laser 5 red

€ 5 450,00 /Piece
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The new medlouxx therapy is based on scientific research at the University Clinics of Heidelberg and Munich (Germany), Graz and Innsbruck (Austria) and the Biophysical Institutes of the University of Frankfurt and Paderborn (Germany). The Medlouxx devices are developed and produced in Germany.

The cells' mitochondria are the primary target of Medlouxx treatments. All mitochondria in our organism have the same light-absorbing properties. A myocardial cell has the same photobiological property as a nerve cell, an osteoblast cell, a fibroblast cell, a muscle cell or a "mast" cell. The new German Medlouxx therapy system is particularly suitable for stimulating the metabolism of the mitochondria and for obtaining deep penetration into muscle and bone tissue. The Medlouxx irradiation is precisely adapted to the absorption "potential" of the respiratory chain and guarantees

- a more efficient generation of ATP,

- an optimal stimulation of cellular DNA / RNA synthesis and

- a marked reduction of inflammatory processes


These properties are the basis of a unique regenerative efficiency and make Medlouxx an ideal supplement to all acupuncture treatments!

Doctors, therapists and acupuncturists can apply the Medlouxx in connection with

Traditional needle acupuncture + Medlouxx
Painless Medlouxx acupuncture + Medlouxx
Master Tung power acupuncture
After and during physiotherapy

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