resist - dang gui bu xue tang - immunity

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Packaging: 100 tablets extract 7:1
  • unterstützt das Immunsystem, wird bei Müdigkeit wieder fit

    Benachrichtigungsnr.: pl/441/23

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Indications: fatigue, weakness, spontaneous sweating, false internal heat and other conditions arising from qi and xue deficiency.

Fatigue after pregnancy or during menstruation, chronic fatigue syndrome.

According to the Chinese tradition: tonifies qi and generates xue

Notification nr: pl/441/23

comments :

This is a formula been used for treating blood
deficiency caused by Qi impairment, the symptom could be
low body fever, fatigue, etc. the pulse is not only thin but
also weak even feeble, the tongue body is plumbed and
pail. Huang qi is strong Qi tonic, especially the Qi function
enhancer, strengthens the spleen and stomach function for
producing the blood. Dang Gui nourish xue = blood, work
with Huang Qi to focus on the issue of blood

radix astragalus membranaceus, radix angelica sinensis

2 tablets, 3 times a day, outside meal times.

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