Spring probe with magnet (13 cm)

€ 19,00 /Piece
Packaging: 1
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Spring activated cutaneous probe for treating or locating trigger points, acu-points, or ear points. 5” long modulator includes 3”x 0.4” dia grooved handle and 1.8” spring loaded probe with rounded tip (does not puncture skin). The other end features a powerful 2,000 gauss magnetic ball probe (4 mm dia) which may also be used for acu-pressure and acumassage. The polarity may be easily changed from north to bio-south pole by removing the ball probe and reversing the position of the magnets. Includes 5 interchangeable springs of different strength: 100 gm = green / 150 gm = yellow / 200 gm = white / 250 gm = purple / 300 gm = red. White coloured spring is supplied with unit in clear plastic box.