zheng gu shui (spray 80 ml) - rightbone lotion

€ 21,00 /Piece
Packaging: 15 ml
zheng gu shui (spray 80 ml) - rightbone lotion

To be used in case of sprains, tendonitis, muscle and joint pains.


Activates circulation
Accelerates the healing process.
Relieve the muscles after exercise.
Warms up the muscles and prevents tendon and muscle injuries


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radix cynanchum paniculatum - xu chang qing, rhizoma curcuma phaeocaulis - e zhu, radix zanthoxylum nitidum - liang mian zhen, schoepfia chinensis - sui gu mu, flos carthamus tinctorius - hong gua, radix moghania phillipinensis - qian jin ba, mentholum - bo he nao, camphorum - zheng nao

Apply to the desired areas 3 to 6 times  daily.

Only external use. Do not use on sores, open wounds or during pregnancy.  

Do not cover the skin after application.

In case of irritation: stop use immediately and avoid contact with the eyes.