about China Nature

Although China Nature started as a provider of Chinese phytotherapy in 1985, the company has since grown into a platform serving the advancement of natural medicine as a whole. We not only import and distribute the highest quality products, but we also invest in notifications of the products, development of new products and training. We hope our work can help make this safe and natural therapy more accessible to the wellbeing of all.

China Nature evolved from the practice of Verbanck Hervé, osteopath - acupuncturist - herbalist.

He studied Osteopathy at the International Council of Osteopaths in Geneva and Acupuncture at the Center d'Acupuncture et d'Auriculopuncture in Paris.

In this way he comes into contact with Chinese phytotherapy and Dr. Zhenguang who has an enormous experience and knowledge in adapting Traditional Chinese phytotherapy to the modern way of life.

China Nature collaborate with one of the leading GMP producers in China and with Phoenix in the UK and CMC in the Netherlands, two of the largest distributors, each of which has a training center

All our products are notified by the Belgian Federal Public Service (FPS) in strict accordance with European standards.

As a distributor of phytotherapy, we use 100% authentic, sulfur-free herbs that are cultivated according to the ancient DaoDi principle. They are produced in a certified GMP factory according to international legal standards for the cultivation and production of herbal supplements. Each product has been tested and approved and each batch is provided with a Certificate of Analysis.

Our food supplements represent the most potent form on the market with a 5: 1 or 7: 1 concentration