about China Nature

Although China Nature started as a provider of Chinese phytotherapy in 1985, the company has since grown into a platform serving the advancement of natural medicine as a whole. We not only import and distribute the highest quality products, but we also invest in notifications of the products, development of new products and training. We hope our work can help make this safe and natural therapy more accessible to the wellbeing of all.

China Nature evolved from the practice of Verbanck Hervé, osteopath - acupuncturist - herbalist.

He studied Osteopathy at the International Council of Osteopaths in Geneva and Acupuncture at the Center d'Acupuncture et d'Auriculopuncture in Paris.

In this way he comes into contact with Chinese phytotherapy and Dr. Zhenguang who has an enormous experience and knowledge in adapting Traditional Chinese phytotherapy to the modern way of life.

China Nature collaborate with one of the leading GMP producers in China and with Phoenix in the UK and CMC in the Netherlands, two of the largest distributors, each of which has a training center

All our products are notified by the Belgian Federal Public Service (FPS) in strict accordance with European standards.

As a distributor of phytotherapy, we use 100% authentic, sulfur-free herbs that are cultivated according to the ancient DaoDi principle. They are produced in a certified GMP factory according to international legal standards for the cultivation and production of herbal supplements. Each product has been tested and approved and each batch is provided with a Certificate of Analysis.

Our food supplements represent the most potent form on the market with a 5: 1 or 7: 1 concentration

Quality assurance of China Nature formulas


1.     All formulas are based on tradition, scientific research and clinical experience of 30 years of Verbanck Hervé, herbalist, acupuncturist and osteopath

2.     Modern diseases must be treated with modern formulas, formulas “to the point”

3.     Plant-based and vegan friendly : we never supply products derived from animals

4.     Conform legislation of food supplements on microbiology, pesticides en herbicides

5.     High concentration of the extracts 7:1, 1 gr extract = 7 gr powder of the herb

6.     100 % authentic : grown traditionally at the original source and harvested at the right time

7.     Conform G.A.P. (Good Agriculture Practice) and G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practice) norms

8.     Tested for : correct potency and active ingredients, contamination with harmful microbes, heavy metals or unwanted adulterants

9.  Never treated with sulphur, pesticides or herbicides

10.  Tested and certified to show compliance with EU Pharmacoepia Regulations

11.  Chosen and approved by the “British Pharmacoepia Working Group”, “Kew Royal Botanic Gardens”, NHS clinical trials, Universities and regulatory bodies

12.  Each batch is 100 % traceable and Certificates of Analysis are available for Practitioner and Patient reference

quality control

Fully Standardized Production Process in:

Botanical seeding

Raw material growing and harvests

Raw material safety testing

Raw material pretreat procedures

Full Spectrum water extraction procedures

Digital controlled manufacturing process

Active constituents monitoring and testing

Intelligent distribution system

From seeding to finished products traceability platform

Quality control from the source:

More than 480 herbs are gathered from controlled sources with high-quality seedlings, guided growing methods and stabilized locations to ensure the quality, stability, and potency.


Raw material controlled for:

Origin (Stable)

Production location (Stable)

Growth Period

Harvest Time

Processing Methods

Growth climate (Soil, Water, Weather)

Grade and Specification

Control Raw Material Quality with Indicators



Inspection (including toxicity, etc.)

Content Determination

Characteristic Spectrometry

Safety Related Quality Control

Heavy metals and harmful elements
Pesticide residues
Sulfur dioxide

Optimal Extraction

The key factor for the potency of the product is optimal extraction process. New dynamic extraction technology of basket extraction and forced circulation is used to improve the component transfer rate and extraction rate as well as to stabilize the product quality; Steam distillation technology is used to maximize the retrieval of essential oil.


Quality in Extraction Purity

Membrane filtration technology and ultra-high-speed tangential jet vortex rotary technology is used to improve flavoring, solubility, and clarity of the solution.

Quality in Concentration

The high temperature will affect the plant constituents during the concentration process. We believe that the true efficacy of herbal therapies arises from the inherent therapeutic properties of the whole herb. Using low-temperature vacuum concentration, with lower temperature (40 ° C - 60 ° C) to avoid the sensitive constituents to be decomposed by heat. The “Method for Improving the Concentration Efficiency of Chinese Herbal Granules with fatty oil Content” was granted a national authorized patent.


Quality in Drying Process

A crucial step in making Chinese herbal extracts is to turn the herbal decoction into easily preserved powder extracts.

The spray drying equipment designed is for high heat and moisture sensitivity. The spray drying equipment is specially customized for heat sensitivity, poor drying property, low softening point, and strong hygroscopicity to maintain the stability of the products.

Quality in Granulation

Dry granulation technology uses the inherent viscosity of Chinese herbal powders, to produce herbal extracts through multiple steps of compression, molding, pulverization, and granulation. The success is hailed as a major breakthrough in the production of Chinese herbal extracts, and it is at the leading edge both domestically and internationally. It is combined with various granulation methods such as dry method, wet method, and fluidized bed to ensure the stability of product quality.


Effectiveness and stability:

With high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), over 200 varieties of herb content standards were established. The contents of the index components of Tianjiang Chinese herbal extracts are both higher and more consistent in comparing with other leading manufacturers. For each batch of herbal extract, the contents of index components are restricted within a certain range, with very limited fluctuations, thus guaranteeing the clinical efficacy.