Welcome to China Nature: care by nature

China Nature has 30 years of experience in natural medicine.

Welcome to China Nature: care by nature
  • if you would like advice from our herbalist, which composition to take, please fill in the questionnaire, print and scan and mail to : info@chinanature.be
    Therapists can register and get a login and have a 20% discount on the herbs, individuals do not need a login and can order directly on the site.
    1. a range of 171 "China Nature Formulas" notified as food supplements in Belgium according to strict European standards, which means a safe and legal framework for all

    2. Indian Nature, range of G.M.P. ayurvedic herbs

    3. Massage oils, herbal patches, herbal ointments, TDP devices and patches

    4. Acupuncture needles, moxa, cupping, stimulators, massage devices

    5. authentic and high-quality Chinese herbal infusions

    6. laser and led therapy: laser and acu-led, pain relief laser and laser watch


    Are you a therapist and would you like to work with China Nature ?

    please contact us at +32 (0)56 603307

    We also do OEM service for other companies or herbalists. Give us your composition or ask our herbalist for an efficient composition for your indications and we will deliver it to you. You can put your own label on it. It is produced under GMP and the minimum batch is only 10 jars of 100 tablets or 60 capsules with herbal extract 7:1

* claims pending european approval