angelica sinensis bio ecocert - tonic for woman

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Packaging: 20 ampoules of 15 ml
angelica sinensis bio ecocert - dang gui angelica sinensis bio ecocert - dang gui
angelica sinensis bio ecocert angelica sinensis bio ecocert
angelica sinensis bio ecocert angelica sinensis bio ecocert
angelica sinensis bio ecocert - dang gui angelica sinensis bio ecocert angelica sinensis bio ecocert
  • * supports normal menstruation, changing moods, irritable to menstruation

    nr the notification : Pl/623/3

  • 20 ampoules of 15 ml - Restores vital forces each month and helps women to regain their natural balance and get through the different stages of their lives.

    In Asia, women start taking Angelica sinensis from their first period and continue throughout their lives (premenopause, menopause).

    Angelica Sinensis helps to maintain the urogenital system.

    It is rich in phytoestrogens and contains large quantities of flavonoids, vitamins and minerals, providing the body with the nutrients it needs to function properly.

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  • Angelica sinensis - Dang Gui

    part used: root

  • family: umbellifera

    origin: Western China (Gansu)

  • property: warm

    taste: sharp, sweet

    active ingredients: ligustilide, essential oils

    * claim on hold pending European approval


    harmony of women

    ideal nutritional supplement for women. Restores vital forces monthly. Helps women regain their natural balance and get through the difficult passages of femininity.

    Angelica sinensis or Chinese angelica root is the queen of herbs for women in China. It is a large herb with a thick stem and small yellowish flowers and a very voluminous root.

    The Chinese name is Dang Gui, which means "let it come". It is an excellent strengthening herb for women during difficult periods in their lives. In China, angelica sinensis is called the "woman's ginseng".

    Our Angelica sinensis is grown organically without pesticides and herbicides under the supervision of the International organic guarantee label Ecocert in western China (Lanzhou) where the best quality is found.

    The root of Angelica sinensis contains many active ingredients: angelicin, ombelliferone, coumarins, phellondrene, vitamin B12.

    Thanks to Angelica sinensis, the woman remains active and vital 28 days out of 28.

    notified in France

    The Angelica sinensis - better known to many as "Dong Quai" - is one of the most important strengthening plants in Chinese medicine. In short, the effect of the plant is often summarized in one word: "female tonic". Dong Quai is the Chinese name for the root of Angelica sinensis.

    As important as ginseng is seen in the East as a "men's tonic", Dong Quai is equally valuable as a "women's tonic".

  • Per 15 ml ampoule: Organic honey*1.5g, organic Angelica sinensis extract*400mg, topped up to 15 ml with purified water. *Produced from organic farming.
  • 1 ampoule each morning. Shake before use. Remove the cap and drink directly.

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