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Packaging: 100 vegetable capsules
astragalus - huang qi astragalus - huang qi
astragalus - huang qi astragalus - huang qi
astragalus - huang qi astragalus - huang qi

 * supports the immune system

* gives energy

* counteracts fatigue

* good for natural defenses

* strong adaptogen for stress

Notification no : pl/441/63

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Astragalus contains highly active polysaccharides, more specifically astragalan IV, which has a strong antioxidant effect according to scientific research. The plant tonifies Qi and strenghtens the defensive energy. Astragalus is an excellent daily health care for persons with symptoms as: feeling tired, insomnia, perspiration, easily catching colds, and as supplement during chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. Astragalus is one of the best herbs as protection against viral infections.

Astragalus belongs to the family of tonica with an adaptive and harmonizing effect. As a top grade herb in Shennong Herbal Classic, astragalus is the leader of nourishing herbs in Chinese phytotherapy.

According to the Chinese tradition:

  • tonifies Qi and Wei
  • tonifies Qi of Tai Yin

Notification nr: PL/441/63

Action :

- strengthens energy and increases yang

- strengthens wei qi (immunity), protects the surface

- wound healing

- slightly diuretic, reduces edema

- calms pain and reduces tingling

- anti-aging by astragaloside IV

- quenching thirst and against fatigue (xiao ke )

It is important to know that herbal formulas are intended to treat conditions, not "diseases" as understood in Western medicine. According to Chinese phytotherapy, conditions are the deeper underlying causes that can throw the body out of balance and can be the cause of all kinds of disorders.

extract 7:1 of radix astragalus membranaceus 500 mg

2 capsules, 2-3 times daily, outside meal times.

Get professional advice before taking our plant-based supplements.

The plant extracts 7:1 are produced according to GMP standards. All ingredients are approved by the European legislation and an analysis is carried out on each lot. Our food supplements prevent or correct an energetic disorder. This information applies only to energetic disorders.

We are not responsible for wrong or inappropriate use.

A herbal food supplement is not a substitute for a varied diet. It is not advisable to exceed the recommended daily dose. Always store the product away from children.