B-typ/brown 0,30 mm x 50 mm

€ 13,50 /Piece
Packaging: 100
  • SEIRIN Japan's premium quality Type B acupuncture needles have been the leading single-use needles in the world market for decades. The ergonomically optimized handle and precise centering allow safe and comfortable handling. It is made of extremely light, soft and environmentally friendly polypropylene. The needle itself is made from special stainless steel with precision. Its tip is cut like a diamond, it is polished three times and coated with a very thin layer, which allows the therapist to insert the needle extremely easily and practically painlessly for the patient.

    So that the therapist can adapt the needles to each size and body area, there are 5 different length versions of the SEIRIN® type B needles. They are distinguished by the color of their sleeve, which helps to keep a good view of the needle. together during treatment.

    Two precautions are better than one: during their manufacture, SEIRIN® type B acupuncture needles undergo 8 strict quality controls. They are cleaned by electrolysis, sterilized by EO gas and can be kept for at least 3 years - guaranteed.

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