cervical herbal patch

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Packaging: 12
cervical patch cervical patch
cervical patch
  • quickly relieve variuos pains associated with muscle strain, neck pain, strain & sprain
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  • herba artemisiae, rhizoma zingiberis officianles, flos carthamus, olibanum, ramulus cinnamonum, cortex eucomnia
  • adults and 12 years of age and over, clean and dry affected area. Remove from backing film and apply to affected area
  • remove after at most 8 hours
  • not for children under 12 years
  • first time use : lift up small area after 15 minutes and 30 minutes to check for possible skin reaction. If hives, blisters or swelling occurs, remove patch immediately and apply baby body lotion or cream as needed
  • for external use only
  • do not use on wounds or damaged skin
  • don't use if you are allergic 
  • do not use otherwise than as directed
  • avoid contact with teh eyes, mucous membranes or rashes
  • do not use with a heating pad
  • stop use and ask a doctor if : conditions worsen, symptoms persist for more than 7 days, symptoms clear up and occur again within a few days, rash, itching or excessive skin irritations occurs
  • keep out reach of children, if swallowedn get medical help immedialtely