dongbang acu-tape - 5cm x 5m blue

€ 9,00 /Piece
Packaging: 1

DONGBANG Acu-Tape kineosilogy taping. Material: Cotton 72%, Spandex 3%, Acryl polymer 10%, Ethyl acetate 15%. Reduce pain and sensation disturbance. Reduce edema and inflammation. Improve range of motion. revent Injury. Basic instruction: * Ensure the skin is clean and dry before tape application. * Place tapes lightly on the naturally relaxed skin. * Remove tape immedicately if there is redness or irritation. * Tapes may be left in place for two or three days and re-applied after 24 hours. * Dry the skin with a towel or a shower after bathing or shower. * Take tapes off slowly, pressing the skin when removing.

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