gymnema sylvestris - regulates sugar

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Packaging: 100 vegetable capsules
  • * promotes digestion and supports metabolism

    notification nr : pl/441/35

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Gymnema sylvestris is a small shrub native to India where it grows in the wild. Although, strictly speaking, the plant has nothing to see with it, Gymnema sylvestris looks like the vine. The leaves are harvested for they are rich in various active ingredients as Gymnemic acid (25% of the total mass), quercitol, stigmateol, lupeol.

Properties :

This hypoglycemic plant is called "sugar blocker" in the United States, where obesity and sugar excess have become a social scourge. About Gymnema sylvestris, an American doctor even speaks of the "terminator" of sugar. Gymnema sylvestris does not destroy the sugar but prevents its assimilation by the organism which is the same for the metabolism. This non-assimilation is due to the blockage of glucidic receptors in the intestinal wall.

The American Diabete Association and The National Institute of Health, two American associations for diabetes, recommend gymnema sylvestris as a dietary supplement in type II diabetes, not insulin dependent.

Gymnema sylvestris also decreases the urge for sweetness.

According to the Chinese tradition:

  • tonifies digestion,
  • diminishes sugar cravings

notification nr : pl/441/35



ingredients per capsule: extract of gymnema sylvestris leaf 250 mg

additives : microcrystalline cellulose 200 mg, purified talc 49 mg, aerosil 1 mg

net : 50 g

origin : India

producer : nnpl india

1-2 capsule, 2 times a day, outside meal times.

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