hualun tdp self-heating plaster

€ 12,80 € 16,00 /Piece
Packaging: 4 plasters
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  • Stimulate blood circulation in attached part
  • Warm up and dredge the channels
  • Dispel wind and remove coldness
  • Diminish inflammation and stop pain


Muscular stiffness and pains

Acute and chronic rheumatic arthritis

Joint pain

Sore throat

Sore muscles

Back ache

Tennis elbow

Pains in neck, shoulder, hip and legs


special electromagnetic spectrum (TDP) far infrared ray therapy analgesic plaster

Exclusive formula and techSnology for 33 essential mineral elements vital to human body health

Instant pain relief up to 12 hours heat treatment


No medical substance or Chinese herb ingredients

Disposable, one time use only

Odorless, porous adhesive,

air-activated warmth

environmental friendly, no side effect, safe to use

Easy on, easy off adhesive


Soft TDP (mineral element) layer

Moxibustion layer

Heat reaction layer


In the beginning of threatment, apply 1 patch per day for a maximum of 12 hours. Then 1 patch, 2 or 3 times a week.

Not on open wounds, in case of fever or cancer.

Do not use in case of pregnancy.