panax ginseng extractum - ren shen jing

€ 32,00 /Piece
Packaging: ampoules 30 x 10 ml
panax ginseng extractum - ren shen jing panax ginseng extractum - ren shen jing
radix ginseng - ren shen radix ginseng - ren shen
panax ginseng extractum - ren shen jing radix ginseng - ren shen
  • Chinese red ginseng provides balance in stressful situations or exciting times / good mood*
    Chinese Red Ginseng promotes metabolism*

    provisionally permitted health claims

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  • Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer

    part used: root

    family: Araliacea

    origin: Northeast China

    property: warm

    taste: sweet

    active ingredients: Saponins (ginsenosides): provide the adaptogenic effect. Polysaccharides: responsible for the immunostimulating properties

    "Wild" ginseng is rarely found in Manchuria and is therefore unaffordable. Our ginseng is grown in Manchuria, in Northeast China, using traditional methods
    The active ingredients are found exclusively in the root. This root gets its wealth from the minerals and nutrients in the soil and is only removed from the ground after 7 years. This soil is then allowed to rest for another 7 years before planting ginseng again.

    * claim on hold pending European legislation


Panax ginseng root, Sugar, water.

1 ampul in the morning. Shake before using, Put the straw through the lid with the sharp side

This plant-based food supplements are best to take on professional advice. The plant extracts 5:1 or 10:1 have been produced according to the GMP standards and an analysis is carried out at each lot. All ingredients are approved by the European legislation. These food supplements prevent or correct a energetic disorder. The info is just for this. In any case, we cannot be responsible for a wrong or inappropriate use.