semen coicis preparata - yi yi ren (chao)

€ 19,00 /Piece
Packaging: 100 g granules

Semen Cuscuta is used in case of impotence, seminal emission, sterility, enuresis, frequent urination, leukorrhea.

It is used in various syndromes due to shao yin yang deficiency and insufficiency of essence. It is mild in the action of tonifying, warms without dryness, and it can both tonify yang and supplement essence, meaning tonification of both yang and yin. It can secure essence, reduce frequent urination and stop leukorrhea.

It can also benefit persons with dim and poor vision, because it tonifies qi, nourishes kidney essence and improves vision.

Notification nr: pl/441/43


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extract 5:1 semen coicis preparata - yi yi ren (chao)

3 grams, 2 or 3 times a day, dissolve one spoon (3 grams) in a glass of water.

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