AS SUPER 4 digital needles stimulator

€ 345,00 /Piece
Packaging: 1
  • AS SUPER 4 digital belongs to the newest generation of acupuncture needle stimulator. Modern design, highest technology, various parameters are combined in one unit.

    The electro acupuncture device AS SUPER 4 digital includes 30 fixed programs and 7 free programs for own parameter settings. HAN stimulation parameters are included for modern pain treatment.

    The intensity of the AS SUPER 4 digital can be set in steps of 0.1 mA for a totally secure electro acupuncture treatment.

    AS SUPER 4 digital offers 4 channels for the stimulation of up to 8 acupuncture needles. The intensity of each channel can be set separately.

    The traditional schwa-medico skin protection system AKS gives highest security against skin burning.

    AS super 4 digital can be either used on battery or on mains circuit. It comes with 4 cables with little crocodile clips, 4 batteries and a mains adapter.

    2-year guarantee.

    Features overview:

    • 30 fixed programs (including HAN)
    • 7 free programs
    • 4-channels - up to 8 needles
    • Digital
    • Sound ON/OFF
    • Interlocking keypad function
    • AKS for skin protection
    • Intensity turns OFF if circuit is not closed for better safety
    • Display indicates battery level
    • Possibility to pause the stimulation
    • Intensity settings in 0.1 mA steps
    • Battery operation or mains supply
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